This Unconventional Business Received Loan in Just 7 Days – Check How!


Entrepreneurs are a different breed of people who are perenially optimistic and passionate about their work. Three things need to come together for any business to become successful –

1) Passionate Entrepreneur

2) Market Need

3) Capital

Every entrepreneur looks at Market need and is passionate about his business but the final hurdle is funding the business for short term and long term needs. All the businesses start with entrepreneur’s own savings and money coming in from friends and family. But once the business model has been validated and the business reaches revenue milestones such as Rs. 1 crore annual turnover; the business is ready to move into the next phase of growth and timely capital is required to support the growth.

India as a country has majority of its growth coming in from SMEs but these companies find it the most difficult to raise funds. The situation becomes even worse if the company belongs to an industry which is Unconventional and the bankers don’t understand the business.

Here, we bring to you the real life story of Mr. Pradeep who runs a “Landscaping and Horticulture Services” and how he got an experience of his lifetime with Cointribe.

We can’t understand this business


Have you heard about “Landscaping and Horticulture Services”. We bet you don’t – similar to the 9 NBFCs which Mr. Pradeep had interacted with.

Isn’t it ironical that the NBFCs which are expected to fund the business don’t understand your business model at all. Just imagine the frustration level of the entrepreneur. But surprisingly, Cointribe personnel were able to not only understand the business but also comment on the same.

First Hurdle crossed!!

We need 1000 documents to start processing your loan application

Next comes the documentation part which creates a trail of hard copies being ferried over days with a lot of to-and-fro communication. Cointribe, however, made use of technology and processed everything through just the soft copies. This resulted in a drastic reduction in overall processing time and as per Pradeep – “It is just 25% of what every other NBFC takes”.

We need weeks to take decision – There are so many loan applications


The decision to fund the business was, in fact, taken within 4-5 days which is a great speed in an Indian scenario where banks/NBFCs take weeks to reach a decision as everything happens manually. Cointribe has developed proprietary algorithms through which it can decide the creditworthiness of any company in seconds and has already tied up with a number of banks which acknowledge these ratings.

We would not tell you the Interest rate till last moment

In addition, the whole process was pretty transparent and the rate of interest was communicated in time and there was no hanky-panky stuff here.

There are no Happy Endings


It was a pretty smooth experience for Pradeep who got a loan of Rs. 15 Lakh disbursed within a week in spite of running an esoteric business. Hope to see him make great strides with the timely capital infusion received from Cointribe!